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Mobile App Development

With mobile technology taking top place in today’s world, there are many organizations which are intense on retaining their place in the mobile space with noticeable creations. Mobile technology will keep all the customers connected at all times. There are several firms which are opting for these applications beyond the desktop to keep themselves updated with the customer requirements.  
In present situation without having mobile application which supports web application there is a possibility that any firm will losesome of their large number of possible customers or buyers for their services or products. As per the recent survey done by Google it is known that more than 80% of the smartphone users access internet more than once each and every day depending on their necessities.  
Heights Global IT Services provide you with people who have expertise in developing native and web based mobile applications, we have experts who are dedicated in building applications with the use of native APIs available in smartphones like Gyroscope, Pressure and Accelerometer. Our mobile app development team is strong enough to build robust APIs which will support several multiple mobile platforms.  
Numerous software are available in the market which have only one concept “create once and publish anywhere” however from the previous experience we got to know that using this kind of software will in real create a need for the user to compromise on their smartphone experience.  
We offer mobile application solutions that will assist the organizations in having better communication with their customers through these latest mobile devices. Going ahead of the industry intelligence and technical background, our team will design and develop mobile applications which are user friendly and also help in easy data processing.  
IPhone UI will not suit any of the devices based on Android due to the fact that there are basic design differences in each of the device platforms. Our team who have better understanding of device and platform differences will come up with best designs for your application that will improvise on the user experience which will thereby increase conversions.  

Our mobile app development services include


  • iPhone / iPad application development 
  • Android application development 
  • Blackberry application development 
  • Mobile web development 
  • Cross-platform application development 
  • Mobile design services mobile QA 

We create mobile applications which will transform business even if they are developed for either a smartphone or tablet, an appropriate mobile application will prove to be a great asset by enhancing the productivity of staff and keeping the current and new customers busy. Our specialists give out the best of their kind applications and mobile websites which may be based on android, iPad or iPhone. We offer huge range of application developments which keep on changing from simple applications to complex enterprise level applications.  
We are always here to help you personalize mobile application for any iPhone or android based devices that will help you in gaining control and attracting large number of techno geeks who spend most of their time on these smartphones which is also the reason for these firms in not going against investing into these mobile applications. 

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