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Business Consulting

Business consulting services offered at Heights Global IT Services emphasize on IT & business solutions that will enhance the competitive advantage through additional efficiency and effectiveness that will make creativity and virtualization strategiesrealistic. The business consulting team will increase the understanding provided along with long lasting solutionsthat will overcome the challenges which are aimed at you in the business line. 
The team at Heights Global IT Services collaborate with the clients and assist them in coming up with a solution which will help your firm in staying much ahead of the competition. Heights Global IT Services will assist the clients in outdoing the challenges thrown in the market by offering some of the innovative and distinguishing solutions.  
Some of the services offered include: 

  • Enterprise Architecture and Technology Selection 
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Supply chain management 
  • ERP solutions 
  • Complex package integration &Modernization 
  • Cloud advisory services 
  • Data analytics and Business intelligence 
  • Infrastructure optimization 
  • Business – IT strategy and innovation 
  • Business operations and process transformation 
  • Organization and change  management 
  • Risk regulatory and compliance 
  • IT organization and operating mode 
  • IT cost optimization 
  • Global sourcing transformation 

Some of the strategies followed which will assist the companies are: 

  • Assess and get an insight on the firm’s existing business practices to identify actual bottlenecks that hinder the growth. 
  • Design and create the solution which can change in future 
  • Assist in implementing the plan and do an analysis of the result for each change. 

How to stay ahead in the competition? 

  • Our team of consultants with their business expertise and rich domain knowledge is of first and foremost importance in the business and profitability model. 
  • The basic business processes are assessed first and each of them will be assigned with their actual worth. Then an alternative is provided which will give out the same results at much lesser prices. 
  • Even other operations will be assessed which might not be of significant use but all the same assessed to have a rough estimation. 
  • Once the basic and non-basic business processes have been identified they can be remodeled or outsourced to any vendor only if there is a clear business advantage. 
  • Then the basic business will be focused along with the IT teams keeping track of the efficiency with which these business processes can have an impact on the company.